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What a suprise!

RB text me that he is in CEBU, they just docked from Bohol. Wow. Excited as I was, I went to the port. I thought at first, ngee he was just playing around, but no! He was really there. He was there in fleah but nah, he was with Diane again. Kainis. We can't have time together. Nevertheless, he is there, and he is here.

We got home as he asked me if they can stay in my place. They settled their bags and we went out to eat, we went to the nearest foodchain, they eat, I watched, I already ate na e. He was asking me a lot of questions. The WHY's, HOW's and WHEN's, I replied back as honest as I could. When its my time to ask him back he refuses, and has many excuses to offer. I just let him.

After dinner, we went back to my place and with his mom on the phone, as I thought, he told me once and I remembered it right, his parents is working in manila, and I believe him. I was just listening over the phone conversation, in fact I wanna talk to the mom and tell her how interested I was his her son. And I heard, to send him money right away, as in right now. I ask myself, how could he be so demanding to a mom at 9pm to send money? But he wasn't really sounding that demanding or what not. He was cheerful when he said that, what concerns me is that, why would he ask his mom to send the money right away, at 9pm? but wait, there's more, he asked for 300, which wasn't really sounding good good to me as I can lend or give him that amount in my currency. 5 minutes after the mom conversation, he took his SONY VAIO which I thought was in the some kinda amount of 100,000++ pesos, the slim, petite, not sure of the model, plugged in the cable charger and a plug-n-play wifi material of some sort. He sat on my side while he was checking in on something online. I got a glimpse of his card which says : BANK of MONTREAL, kaloka! I tease him,"300, yeah right!"

Laughing as he was on me. He was kissing me, trying to cover something from what I have noticed and the things I just learned. 'smart ass!', he said. 'there's no need for me to hide no more, you cute kid' he was not the person I thought of, then he start telling me what his job was, I was just silent. I just keep on listening. He was a CANADIAN citizen, showed me more cards and more identification, asking apologies for the lies. He grew up in Bohol but finished his studies in Quebec. Now working as Software Engineer in Montreal. I was just strucked!

I ask him why telling me all these things, why did you hide them from me the first time we meet? He was reasonable enough to keep a low profile. Which I like! He wasn't acting like he is a balikbayan of some sorts, he is without the glamour of having these and that. You cant really see in him that he is what he got! I am not sure if I can put the image into words, but I was so damn suprise!!!

Well, I told him, regardless of whatever you are, wherever you're from, no matter what you do in life, I have a very different feeling of emoition for you. If you think that I am after your beauty and money, I am sorry! That is a major turn off. He like me more, squeezing me from just everywhere.

After he reveals, he ask if I can have sometime with him alone. We went to some quite place in the house compound. We talk. He said,"I won't promise but I can at least help you get out here, you are wise and clever, you're intellegence isn't ordinary, that it can surpass the foreigners, once you get to Canada or maybe in Montreal, We can get marry and live together, would you allow me that?" Isn't that music to my ears? How would you feel when someone ask to you to marry him? This in fact is the third time I was ask to marry a guy, and for some reasons they are in one way or another about Canada. Chino, the nurse guy I lived in with in Davao for at least a year is now in Vancouver, BC. Banker, the half french ex is from Quebec, and RB a citizen of ohhhhhhhhhh.

I slept in his arms that night! 09.13.08 he's flying to Manila, stay on his condo in Ortigas and on Monday, 09.15.08 he is flying back to Canada and will be back in 6 months. Although he did not make any promises at all, I am not sure if this love/relationship gonna work with the distance. In touch. In place.

What I learned? Keep a low profile. Don't show to the world about what you have and what you dont have! Self control and discipline.


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